The Art of ‘Upselling’ Online

The Art of ‘Upselling’ Online

The Art of ‘Upselling’ Online

Some traditional sales strategies are universal and work well, even today, although the whole market situation has changed over time. One such dynamic sales strategy is Upselling. Upselling provides an enhanced, premium, or improved version of a product or service to increase the value of a purchase.

The strategy works because the consumer sees the direct benefit of paying more. But how do we leverage this strategy online?

By doing a salesperson’s job, simply displaying more, better, and upgraded options of the product/service the potential customer has inquired about. This leads to a win-win situation wherein the consumer gets an upgraded version of the product and enables the seller to sell higher-value products. Let us look at a few examples of upselling online, to understand the concept better.


A customer wants to order a coffee from your online grocery store while browsing through the options. They get to see the said coffee they wish to order, and then there’s an option to get the more extensive packet of the coffee (with twice the coffee) at less than double the price.


When you visit a pet website to search for a kitten scratching pad, you find 10 different varieties of it, one more enhanced and upgraded than the other. And, that is upselling. You see the exact benefit you’ll get for a higher price.

Now, let’s take a look at upselling in action and how your site can take advantage of this technique.

  • Emphasize or highlight the premium benefits of the upgraded product to make the customers see the benefit of the small additional fee. Example: Make your cake gluten-free instead of the regular one at just Rs. 490 Or Add extra cheese to your Subway sandwich at an additional cost of Rs. 20 only.
  • Ensure relevance of the product to the buyer. In the kitten scratching pad example, if you showcase a scratching pad for the cat while the customer is looking for a big one for their kitten. It won’t ensure relevance. Instead, it will make them feel that there’s nothing for them on your website. This technique is very effective when we use AI as it can help you predict which of your products a shopper is most likely to buy.
  • Focus on creating value so that customers understand and see the worth of the additional price they’ll need to pay. One should aim to emphasize the importance of an upsell without diminishing the quality of the item they initially wanted.

In all, the art of upselling works when you find the difference between presenting the upsell as an option and becoming aggressive or irrelevant about it. Build your website, start upselling and leverage the benefit. To create your website and get multiple templates that make upselling possible, visit 

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