Manage Everything

One mission control for your business, wherever you go.

Automate and Streamline your Operations

The complete Inventory and Order Managememt System

Single, Unified Platform for Inventory & Warehouse Management, Marketplace Integration, Insight Reports and insights. Ordify is the bridge between the Sales, Production and Distribution functions of a company. It is the administration of business processes related to orders for goods or services.

Orders and fulfillment

Fulfill orders quickly and accurately


Accept any payment, and get paid quickly


Level up your business with built-in tools and expert help


Manage your business from anywhere

Greater Agility

Provides greater visibility of entire sales cycle to sellers & buyers.

Faster Processing

Removes Paperwork & accelerates order processing. Sales representatives can focus more on high value work.

Improved Accuracy

Minimizes or Eliminates human involvement in sales order processing, thus resulting in higher accuracy.

Ordify enables businesses to create a start-to-finish operational plan

Inventory Management

Provides centralized Inventory and updation of inventory whenever a sale has been made. There's no margin for error when everything is in perfect sync..

Ecommerce Automation

Automate daily task based multiple preset triggers and desired actions, saving users time, cost and repetitive manual intervention.

Purchase Management

Simplifies purchase management with features like barcode system, automated PO creation, multicurrency transaction etc.

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