How to Add & Manage Your Contacts on Ordify

How to Add & Manage Your Contacts on Ordify

Click on Contacts from the left side menu. You will see 2 buttons on the top right of the page:


     Add Contact

You’ll also see a table displaying all your Contact details and a View/Edit & Add Order button next to each of them.

These buttons and options will help you add your Contacts and their details to the webstore.

Let’s take a look at how each of these options works.

Add Contact  

Step 1 : Click on the Add Contact button on the top right side of the page.

Step 2 : A pop-up box containing a form to fill up a client’s contact details & their billing address, opens up.

Step 3 : These are the fields you need to fill up in the Add New Contact form:-

       Client Mobile Number (mandatory field)

       Company Name

       Client Email ID

       Contact Person

       PAN Number

       GST Number

Under the Billing Address section, fill up the following details of the current client:-



       Postal Code

The City, State, and Country will get auto-filled in their respective fields according to the Postal Code you provided.

Step 4 : Click on Save to add this client & their details to your store’s Contact List.

Step 5 : When you’re done adding all your Webstore Categories, click Close to close the pop-up and return to the main Products page. The changes you made will reflect on the table on the Products page.

Step 6 : The Buyer list can be seen under contact list home screen. The contact can be viewed/ modified by clicking on View/Edit. We can also add orders by click on the Add Order which will take to Order screen.


Import Contact

Step 1 : Click on Import Contacts.


Step 2 : Download the CSV template from the pop up box.


Step 3 : Update all the fields save the CSV file in a particular path.


Step 4 : Browse the CSV file saved in the path.


Step 5 : Click on import.


Step 6 : You can view the list in Contacts list.

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