Step to Setup your domain settings

Step to Setup your domain settings

Step 1: From the top-left corner click on the Settings drop-down menu and then on Domain Settings.

Below is the home page:


To Register Domain Name:

Step (a): You can use a free Ordify domain name for your online business, if you don’t have an existing domain name. (ex.

Type in any domain name of your choice and then click in create (SS1), in the popup dialog box click on yes create my Domain (SS2). Check if the same is available. If available you can see SS3 and SS4, also it might take less than an hour for domain to be live.

Note : If your order management plus account is closed for any reason, the domain name will remain with Ordify.


To Setup your Custom Domain :

Step (b) : Select a custom domain. Enter your root domain name in the field and then click on “Connect”.

We need to follow the below steps to to link your Online Store with Ordify:

Step 1: Create your Sub Domain on Ordify

Step 2: Login to Your Online Store Hosting Website (Eg. GoDaddy, BigRocks etc.)

Step 3: Change Your Sub domain name to Ordify Sub domain Name which you created in step (a).

Step 4: It takes 24 hours’ time to reflect your changes.

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