How to Add Executives on Ordify

How to Add Executives on Ordify

Click on Settings from the left side menu. From the options listed, click on Executive.

Here’s how you can add one or multiple executives for your website.

Add Executive  

Step 1 : Click on the Add Executive button at the top right of the page.


Step 2 : Enter the name of the executive you want to add in the textbox labeled Name (mandatory field).


Step 3 : Enter their mobile number in the textbox labeled Mobile Number (mandatory field).


Step 4 : Enter their email address in the textbox labeled Email ID (mandatory field).


Step 4 : Your password will be auto-filled in the mandatory textbox labeled Password.


Step 5 : Selecting the Role of the executive from the dropdown menu is optional. In the Role section, you can select what role the person plays in your online store.


Step 6 : Select the Status of the executive Active or Disabled from the dropdown menu.


Step 7 : From the list of website features, select the ones that you want the current Executive to have access to.

Step 8 : Click the Save button to save your changes and repeat the process to add more executives. You will see a table containing data for all your Website Executives on the main Executives page.

Under the Action attribute of the table, you’ll see 2 buttons corresponding to each Executive you added: View & Edit.

View : This button allows you to view the information you provided about the selected Executive.

Edit Executive

Edit : This button takes you to the Add Executive page of the current executive, where you can make your necessary changes.

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