How to Add Instant Order on Ordify

How to Add Instant Order on Ordify

On, click on Orders from the left side menu. You will see 2 buttons on the top right of the page:

     Add Order

     Add Instant Order

These buttons and options will help you add & manage orders  from your buyers.

Let’s take a look at how each of these options works.

Add Instant Order

Step 1 : Click on the Add Instant Order button on the top right side of the page. A new page (different from the Add Order page) will open that’ll allow you to add products to your order quickly.

Step 2 : Search for the product you want to add, by its Product Name, SKU, or ISBN in the space provided. Once the product appears below, click on Add to add the product to your current order.

Step 3 : On the right side of the page, under the Order Summary section, you will see that your product has been added successfully! Follow Step 2 to add more products to the order & make sure all of them appear in the Order Summary section.

Step 4 : Under the Order Summary section, click on the dropdown list next to each product to select the number of units of that particular product required for the current order.

You can also delete all units of a particular product from the current order by clicking the Delete button next to it.

Slowly scroll down the Order Summary section, checking the total price of each product after updating their required units & the Order Total (labeled Total Payable Amount) at the bottom of the section.

Step 5 : Under Select Shipping Method, choose whether the order is Takeaway or requires Shipping.

If you select Shipping from the dropdown list, a new textbox called Delivery Pincode will appear, where you need to fill in the pincode of your Contact (client shipping address). However, if you select Takeaway, this option won’t appear.

Freight Charges will be calculated accordingly & will reflect in its assigned space inside the Order Summer section. Note that Freight Charges will not appear if you selected Takeaway as your shipping method.

Step 6 : Click on the Proceed to Payment button at the top or bottom of the page. A pop-up appears where you need to add the shipping address for the current order.

Step 7 : Add the client’s shipping details & select the checkbox that says “ Same as Billing Address” if this is also the address where the order should be billed.

Step 8 : Click on the Continue to Payment button at the bottom of the pop-up window.

An Order Payment pop-up appears.

Step 9 : In the Order Payment pop-up, enter the Buyer’s Contact Details in the space provided & select their Mode of Payment (Online PayU). The payable amount will auto-generate in a space below. Check the amount & click on the Generate Payment URL button.

A payment URL will be generated, which you can copy by clicking on the Copy URL button.

Your order has now been placed! You can share the payment URL with your Client/Contact/Buyer to receive payment for the current order & you’re done!

Head to the main Orders page to see the updated List of Orders table, that now contains your orders.

Under the Action attribute of the table, you’ll see 2 buttons corresponding to each order you added: View & Edit.

View : This button takes you to the current order’s summary page.

Edit : This button appears only if you had selected Shipping as the shipping method. The button allows you to edit details of your order like products & their quantity, discounts, billing & shipping details, etc. Note that, you have to verify your account password upon clicking the Edit button, after which you can edit the selected order details.

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