How to Add & Manage Your Orders on Ordify

How to Add & Manage Your Orders on Ordify

On, click on Orders from the left side menu. You will see 2 buttons on the top right of the page:

     Add Order

     Add Instant Order

These buttons and options will help you add & manage orders  from your buyers.

Let’s take a look at how each of these options works.

Add Order

Step 1 : Click on the Add Order button on the top right side of the page.

Step 2 : You will be redirected to the page where you can now add a new order from your store. The first option you’ll see on the page is a Select Contact dropdown list with an Add New Contact button next to it.

This is where you can add the buyer’s details. If the buyer’s contact details already exists in the webstore database, select them from the Select Contact dropdown list.

If you want to add a new contact, click on the Add New Contact button to get started.

Once you click the Add New Contact button, a pop-up appears where you can provide the necessary details of the new contact like Client Mobile Number (mandatory field), Company Name, Client Email Address, Contact Person, PAN Number, GST Number & most importantly, Billing Address.

Click on the Save button within the Add Contact pop-up to save this contact & access his details through the dropdown list on the main Add Order page.

Step 3 : Next comes the Add Product section. In this section, you’ll see a primary template to add product & pricing details for the current order.

Under Product Name, select the product from your webstore that was ordered. If the order is for more than one product, click the orange Add More Products button to add another product template to the stack.

The Selling Price of the product will be auto-filled from the Products database you created.

Under Quantity, mention how many units of the product is required for this particular order.

Under Discount(%), mention any discount you want to provide for the current product (per unit). Say for a per-unit selling price of Rs.500, you mention the discount as 10 in the Discount(%) space. The updated price of the product per unit will now be Rs.450.

The Total Price space will auto-update once you provide all the previous details (Product Name, Selling Price that’s auto-filled, Quantity, Discount). The amount shown here is the amount payable for all the required units of the current product.

You can delete the entire product from the Ordered Products list by clicking on the red Bin icon  next to the Total Price space.

Step 4 : After you’re done adding all products for the current order, your order total will be auto-updated in the Total Amount space below the Ordered Products list.

Select Takeaway or Shipping for the current order according to your client’s preference from the dropdown list called Shipping Method, next to your order total.

If you select Shipping from the dropdown list, a new textbox called Delivery Pincode will appear, where you need to fill in the pincode of your Contact (client shipping address). However, if you select Takeaway, this option won’t appear.

Freight Charges will be calculated accordingly & will reflect in its assigned space. Note that the Freight Charges space will remain blank if you selected Takeaway as your shipping method.

Step 5 : When you’re done adding all your Products for the particular order & updating their shipping details, click on Save at the bottom of the page & then Save & Continue at the top right side of the page to save the current order with all its product details.

Step 6 : A pop-up appears where you need to enter the Shipping & Billing address for the current order.

Step 7 : Enter the client’s Shipping details in the section provided & then move to the Billing details section. Add the same address if the Billing & Shipping address is the same, or add a new address if they’re different.

Step 7 : Click on Save Changes. A pop-up appears that says “ Order Created Successfully!

Click on OK to get redirected to the main Orders page & view the order you just placed, in the List of Orders table.


Order Details

Let’s take a look at how this feature works.

List of Orders table.

Under the Action attribute of the table, you’ll see 2 buttons corresponding to each order you added: View & Edit.

View : This button takes you to the current order’s summery page.


Step 1 : Once you click on the View Order button on a particular order, you’ll be redirected to its Orders page containing all the related product & shipping details. In this page, you can start processing it further to complete the order successfully.

Step 2 : First off, you’ll notice an orange button showing the status of your current order, next to your Order Number. The Order Status can either be Pending, Confirmed, or Cancelled.

Click on the orange button to change the current Order Status. A pop-up will open with the following details about the order.

The default status of the order will be Pending, until you make any changes. You can change the status of the order to either Confirmed or Cancelled, based on how you would like to proceed with it.

Click on the Submit button within the pop-up to save your changes. The pop-up will close and you’ll be back on the Orders page.

Step 3 : Once you select Confirmed as the status of the order and submit it, the main Orders page will show 4 new options to further process the current order.

These options are namely





You have to check the boxes from Fulfillment to Shipping in the given order, completing each of them as you go (without skipping any of the steps in between).

Step 4 : Fulfillment → Takeaway orders are auto-fulfilled.

For Shipment orders, check the box labeled Fulfillment. A pop-up opens up asking whether you’re sure you want to fulfill the current order.

This box contains details on your Merchant Shipping Cost, Shipment Partner, and Partner Shipping Charges. None of the fields are editable; the shipping partner that you had selected as default while setting up your webstore shipment methods gets displayed on this pop-up too. If you want to change the current order’s shipment method, you have to do it from Shipment Settings on the leftside menu.

Check whether the fields have been filled with correct values and click the Submit button at the bottom of the pop-up box.

A notification will confirm that your order has been fulfilled successfully. It’s time to move on to the next step - Payment.

Step 5 : Payment → Check the box labeled Payment. A pop-up opens up displaying your default payment option.

This default payment option is the one you chose as default when you were setting to your webstore’s payment options. The default mode of payment can be either PayU Money, Online Payment, or Cash on Delivery.

Make the payment in your chosen payment method and move to the next step after receiving confirmation.

Step 6 : Shipment → Next, for Shipment orders, check the box labeled Shipment. A pop-up opens up containing a form to fill up all the shipment details for the current order.

The fields you need to fill out are

       LR Number

       Date of Shipment

       Shipment Company Name

       Vehicle Type

       Vehicle Number

       Contact Name

       Contact Number

       Shipping Address ( autofill ), and

       Shipping Status (Pending, In progress, Delivered)


Fill out all the necessary shipment details and click on the Submit button. You’ll get notified that your order shipment has been created successfully.


On the main Orders page, a Download button appears next to the Shipment checkbox where you can now click to download the PDF file containing the Shipment Label. This Shipment Label needs to be attached to the delivery box/es.

Step 7 : Invoice → Check the box labeled Invoice. Your invoice for the current order is displayed.

  Congratulations! Your order is now complete & ready to be handed over for takeaway/shipment!


Edit Order

List of Orders table.

Under the Action attribute of the table, you’ll see 2 buttons corresponding to each order you added: View & Edit.

Edit : This button appears only if you had selected Shipping as the shipping method. The button allows you to edit details of your order like products & their quantity, discounts, billing & shipping details, etc. Note that, you have to verify your account password upon clicking the Edit button, after which you can edit the selected order details.

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