Steps to Create / Add Orders

Steps to Create / Add Orders

Step 1: Click on Add Order in the top right side corner.

Total Amount, Freight Charges and Total Payable can be viewed on the right side top corner. Contact details can been seen on the right hand side.

Step 2: Under the first drop down- list of the suppliers which is already added in the Contact will be available. If we need to add new contact we can add the details in the same screen by clicking on Add New Contact. Popup box will appear where we need to key in all the details of the suppliers.

Step 3: Under Add Product – Select the Product Name, UOM and Rate will get picked up automatically.

Step 4: Type in the Qty and Discount %.

Step 5: Tax and Price will be calculated automatically.

Step 6: There are two options for Shipping Method (a) Take away and (b) Shipping. If shipping is selected we need to give the delivery pincode to calculate the Freight charges.

Step 7: Save and continue.

Step 8: Popup box appears to select the shipping address. Once the details are given click on save changes.

Step 9: List of orders can be viewed on the Orders home page.


View Orders:

Step 1: Click on view under Action in the Orders home page under the List of Orders.

Step 2: Click/Tick on the Fulfilment – pop box appears cross check the details and click on submit. Once we key in the fulfilment option we cannot edit the order.

Step 3: Then click on Payment – select one mode of payment which is there in the dropdown.

Step 4: Keyin the remarks if any and then Submit.

Step 5: Then Click on Shipping – All the details related to the shipping like LR number, Vehicle type, Vehicle number, shipping status etc. has to be given and then click on Submit.

Step 6: Click on Invoice – Pop up box appears asking to confirm on the Invoice generation click on OK. You can click on download PDF and close the box.