Steps to Create / Add Products

Steps to Create / Add Products

In the Product list homepage there are 4 options in the right hand side.

  • 1. Webstore Menu Categories.
    2. Import Products.
    3. Add Product.
    4. Add Inventory.

Steps to add Webstore Menu Categories:

    1.    Type in the Menu Category in the box next to Enter Menu Category Name and then click on Add New Menu Category.

       2. The list can be viewed in the same page under List of Webstore Menu Category.

    3. The list also can be viewed in Add products while creating the product.

Steps to Import Products:

       1.  Click on Import Products.

       2.     From the popup dialog box download the CSV file.

       3.     Fill in all the details in the CSV template.

        4.  Click on Choose file and click in Import.

       5.  The list will be displayed in the home page under List of Products.

Steps to Add Product:

There are 3 tabs:

  • 1. Product Info – If only one particular product is available.
  • 2. Product Options – If there are multiple options available for a particular product.
  • 3. Shipping Info – To know the dimension of the item which gets shipped.

Under Tab Product Info : First select Product type Goods or Service.

For Goods:

  • 1. Enable Tracking Inventory: By choosing yes we can track the inventory available at warehouse.
  • 2. Enable Out of Stock Sales: We can order goods even if the stock is not available.
  • 3. Enter the Product Name: By default there are few products which is already available in the dropdown. We can also add new product name directly in the same field.
  • 4. Enter Product Display Name: Type the name of the product which has to be displayed on the website.
  • 5. Select Product Category: Key in the Product category under which the item suits. Ex: Product Name – T-shirt, Product Category – Clothing.
  • 6. Select Webstore Menu Category: Select the Menu category from the dropdown (Follow Steps to add Webstore Menu Category) under which the product has to be displayed. Ex: Product Name – T-shirt, Product Category – Clothing, Menu Category – New Arrival/Festival Arrival.
  • 7. Enter Product Manufacturer Name: Name of the Manufacturer has to be keyed in.
  • 8. Enter Product Brand Name: Key in the Brand Name of the each every product.
  • 9. Enter Product Selling Price: Selling price has to be quoted.
  • 10. Select Unit of Measurement: Select the Unit of Measurement whether it is Pcs, Kg, Liter, Box, Etc.
  • 11. Enter Weight Per Unit: Key in the Weight per unit based on Gms/Kg. same has to be selected in the next field. This field is important as it will be used to calculate the shipping charges based on the weight.
  • 12. Enter Product Opening Stock: Give the total number of stock available at the beginning of the sales.
  • 13. Enter Product SKU: Key in the product code for each item entered/ auto selected.
  • 14. Enter Product Status: Select the status of the product whether active/Disable/Out of Stock.
  • 15.Enter Product Tax Percentage: Select/Type the % of tax for each product.
  • 16. Enter Product Description: Type in the complete details about the product including the dimensions/available options/direction of usage etc.
  • 17. Upload Product Image: Maximum of 5 images can be uploaded.
  • 18. Click on save button after filling all required details.